Welcome to the journey of a lifetime. Excitement, joy, love, and the most work you’ve ever done in you’re pathetic lives. You are now embarking on a journey, that many brave(And not so brave) souls have died in an attempt to find. The sunken treasures of the mythical city of Entorinica. This trek is not only dangerous, but brings a great point; Life is nothing without risks. So travel on this voyage with your captain Austininica. By the way, you might want to bring your waterproof torches, and many, many paper bags, for this is going to be a bumpy ride. You are the ONLY brave souls to desire the sunken treasures of Entorinica.
The only thing an adventurer should truly worry is the unknown. A skilled adventurer knows when to trust his captain, even if the decision does’nt make sense… That is the differnece between an adventurer and the dead.


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